Best tips to avoid frozen pipes

When it starts to get cold outside most homeowners think about their furnace and that is definitely important. There is another thing to keep in mind, and that is any plumbing you may have exposed to the harsh Michigan winter temperatures. Avoiding frozen pipes this winter means avoiding leaks and possible costly damaging floods.

Outside of the house:

The outside spigots should be covered with a dome insulating reducing the chance of pipe freezing. If there are any pipes exposed outside place pipe insulation around them to keep from freezing and expanding.

Inside of the home:

The basement and under sinks are places in your home that should be looked at. Pipe wrapping or insulation covers cut to the length of pipes is the best way to keep the pipes from being exposed to harsh temperatures. In extremely low temperatures, it’s good to set your faucets to drip to keep the water flowing trough the pipes.

If you do find that your water pipes have been frozen it is best to call a licensed plumber. If you have located the frozen pipe you can thaw the frozen area with a hair-dryer or by using an electric space heater. DO NOT use a direct flame is may cause a fire or the pipe could burst.

If A Pipe Bursts:

A pipe has burst in the home, the first thing to do is locate and shut off your main water supply, helping stop the flood from becoming worse. The best thing to do next is to get a hold of a licensed plumber.