We offer a variety of water treatments including innovative filters, softeners, and reverse osmosis systems. Our water filtration systems will remove chemicals, odors, flavors, colors and contaminants leaving your water crystal clear, while our softeners bring system performance and ease of service to a new level.

Using these water treatments provide safer and greater quality water, uses less energy, and reduces plumbing issues. Give us a call and we’ll help answer any questions you have about our water treatments.

Treatments Include:

  • Water Softening
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Iron Filters
  • Sediment Filters
  • Arsenic Removal Filters



Zenco Plumbing offers a vast array of water softeners including mechanical time clock, mechanical meter initiated, electronic meter, non‐electric, and twin tank alternating systems that can handle any flow rate requirement.


Reverse Osmosis

To reduce contaminants like lead, arsenic, chromium, nitrates, barium, sodium, volatile organics, cysts, and viruses we can install reverse osmosis water systems. Our systems can turn common tap water into the fresh drinking water that nature intended.



High Iron, Sulfates, Odor, Sediment, and Chlorine

There are a number of difficult water problems that can be corrected with a wide range of filters including high iron, sulfates, rotten egg odor, sediment, and chlorine. Systems are available in sizes that meet the needed flow rates and most do not require chemicals and use minimal water to clean.



Arsenic is a naturally occurring poison found in soil that enters the water supply throughout the United States. The US Environmental Protection Agency has set the arsenic standard for drinking water at .010 parts per million (10 parts per billion) to protect consumers served by public water systems from the effects of long-term, chronic exposure to arsenic. Water systems must comply with this standard by January 23, 2006, providing additional protection to an estimated 13 million Americans.

Though a new arsenic standard reducing the level of arsenic in drinking water was signed into law in 2001, 40 million people who obtain their water from private wells still may have high levels of arsenic which could lead to stomach pain, difficulty swallowing, gastrointestinal problems, skin lesions, limb loss, partial blindness and a number of cancers, diseases, and other serious health problems. Our specialized Arsenic filters will remove Arsenic from water and help you comply with the latest standards in water safety.